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Reminiscent of a childhood classic, our version of astronaut ice cream is made for both the true ice cream lover and health enthusiast. Our patent pending freeze-dried ice cream product is one of a kind; light and airy, floating on the tongue..dancing on taste buds.


Made from the highest quality ingredients with the ice cream zen masters out there in mind, all in the perfect delivery vehicle to provide a rich mouth feel with connoisseur grade: 100% organic, Co2 extracted, full spectrum and liposomally encapsulated CBD oil.


We are offering multiple versions; first our low sugar option is made with creamy, organic oat milk and cashew cream sweetened with our Shamanic proprietary complex of all natural, alternative sweeteners IE Monk Fruit/Stevia/Lacuma and several others balancing out any potential after-tastes to keep the sugar per serving as close 1 gram as possible.


The second variety is made with oat milk, sweetened like regular ice cream just like our third variation with coconut/cashew milks. They all hit the spot and taste so good you will have to control yourself not to eat the entire bag in one shot! 100 mg Organic Full Spectrum CBD per bag, as much CBD as our 100 mg tincture bottle.




Shaman Ice

SKU: 680243953754
  • 100% refund or we make it right if not fully satisfied.

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Thanks for submitting a review! 😘

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average rating is 5 out of 5

Such a great product I have ever used.

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