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In 2015, I suffered a massive stroke during a surgery after which doctors told my family I would most likely be wheelchair bound for the remainder of my life. I spent the next several months in a rehabilitation facility attempting the arduous task (more of a mission to prove the doctors wrong) of learning how to walk, use my arm and even speak normally again; definitely one of the most trying times of my life.

After a few months of round the clock care I came home, understandably still in shock and dismay, looking for answers and after some significant research I discovered the tremendous healing ability of nature's medicine cabinet in the cannabis plant (industrial hemp variety).

The compounds found in this "perfect plant" became a vital tool in my recovery. It soon became a part of my daily routine in helping with the treatment of inflammation from daily overuse; this overuse was the result of unnatural use patterns from having to predominately rely on one half of my body for walking and lifting. From the stroke I developed multiple physiological and psychological issues including a seizure disorder, speech and thought difficulties, as well as memory loss, and continued inability to activate various muscle groups in my back, arm and leg.

Full spectrum CBD was a game changer in my pursuit of restful sleep, mood improvement, anxiety relief and seizure symptom reduction that in my experience pharmaceutical drugs simply were not providing; especially not without multiple directly related side effects ranging from mood swings to joint inflammation and shockingly rapid hair shedding (not something I was accustomed to after a previous full head of hair), which has since grown back since eliminating these toxic chemicals from my life.

I needed to figure something out and did after reading an article in my local newspaper about children experiencing seizure symptom reduction from cannabinoids found in marijuana and industrial hemp. I immediately started using CBD along with the wonders of various terpenes and haven't looked back since.


The results were so profound that I decided to reactivate a neglected supplement company I had started back in 2012 to focus on spreading what CBD provided me and share this experience in recovery that few would believe if they weren't given acute access to all this ancient healer had to offer. My body and mind although still in recovery, every day I move a little better and notice my mind a little sharper and I know it is most definitely related to my daily CBD use. I urge anyone looking for something different to try some and see how it helps them too.

Thank you for reading my story,


Adam Lincoln,

CEO /Founder Modern Shaman LLC

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