Organic fair trade dark chocolate inoculated with the "best for you" nutraceutical combinations. Provides a truly delicious piece of shamanic justice for your weary body and mind. Small batch, handmade, hand wrapped and packed with all the highly researched "goodies" you could ask for in a nutraceutical chocolate modality.

Choose between:

  • Relief: made fresh with Curcuminoids, Rhodiola, bioperine, ginger, goji berry and CBD
  • Restore:  blended with resveratrol, CoQ10, lion's mane mushroom extract 20:1, pterostilbene and CBD
  • Relax: includes anxiety relievers such as passionflower, kava, Valerian and CBD
  • Regular: just our fair trade organic chocolate infused with CBD

CBD Chocolate Bars, 20mg

  • If not completely satisfyied with the product, please contact us for a replacement or refund.

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Thanks for submitting a review! 😘


Such a great product I have ever used.

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